Monday, March 20, 2017

American Gourmet Politics Haiku+

pan seared dog shit

sun dried cat shit

identity horse shit

mass consumed bull shit

Bulletins From Fake and Real News

The F.B.I. is investigating Russia’s meddling in the U.S. election and its links with the Trump campaign, the agency’s director confirmed
Monday, March 20, 2017 10:42 AM EDT

Trump Ties to Russia?
How About U.S. Ties to Israel?

We need an investigation of the entire American government for its ties to a foreign nation, Israel, which have cost the middle east and Islamic world, beginning with Palestine, hundreds of thousands of lives and the U.S. hundreds of billions of dollars. And they have brought bloody war home via terrorist attacks which would never have happened if the government hadn’t done the bidding of the Israeli Lobby and its supporters in politics and media. These employees of the lobby put the interest of a foreign power ahead of those of the American people. Are they, and their supporters, traitors?

Are you?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Minority Un-Consciousness

Which Minority Warrants More Concern?

The total population of the countries affected by the "hate" inspired Trump immigration policy is 225 million.  
Roughly .004% of that number have been part of the traveling, business, tourist, refugee or immigrating population coming to America.
The death toll directly connected to American military attacks and American arms, training and finance supplied to local killers in those countries is well over 1 million.
It continues while Americans remain unconscious of it or helpless to stop it if they are conscious, and are moved to scream about hate when people escaping American murder are given a difficult time at coming into the country most responsible for the degradation of their homelands and the mass murders of their people.
Which minority should Americans be most concerned about, and which active majority of concerned American humanitarians – if such exist – should be most responsible to take action on their behalf?

1.4 million Americans are estimated to identify as trans sexual. That represents .6% of the adult population of the U.S.A.
It is also estimated that half a million Americans are homeless. Among that number there are many children. Together, homeless adults and children  are less than 3% of the trans sexual population.
Much of the nation is concerned over the right of people who are biologically one sex but mentally and/or spiritually of the other to use the public toilets assigned to the biological opposite sex.
Homeless people do not have any toilets at all.
Which minority’s toilet needs and humanity should be of the most concern for the active, involved, humanitarian segments organized to fight against “Trump’s hate”?

There are more than 45 million Americans living in poverty. That represents 14.5% of the population. In addition, 97 million Americans are “low income”, defined as having income below twice the poverty income level. Together they add up to more than 140 million people who are poor or low income, nearly half the population.
21.8% of American children, more than one in five, live in poverty. This, in a nation that spent 600 billion on warfare in Obama’s last year, and 60 billion on the pet industry in Obama’s last year.
Both of those years came before Trump’s first year, for those who think the CEO is more important than the business the CEO works for.
War and pets are more profitable to that business than those poor people and those poor kids.
Which minority-identity group should “love” people be organized to fight against the “hate” of such political economics?

The top 1% of the U.S. population owns 43% of wealth ($24.4 trillion); the top 5% of the population owns 72% of wealth ($40.8 trillion); the bottom 80% of the population owns 7%of wealth ($3.9 trillion).Many "love" fighters against "hate" think the U.S. is a great democracy, ruled by a loving majority which shows great concern for all minorities. Which minority, using which toilets, escaping which wars, buying which products and confiscating which wealth, should that population be most concerned about?

A minority owned corporation that manufactures yarn is planning to make caps with small penises at their peaks and organizing a massive March of the Dickheads on Washington D.C. to protest minority abuse.
Which minority should purchase the caps, wear them, join the march, and continue preaching the politics of love while practicing the economics of hate?

All figures are from the U.S. Census Bureau and Kairos Center

Friday, March 3, 2017

George Carlin, Comedic Nihilist, 1937-2008

 Always a comic genius, George Carlin improved over time, achieving a philosophical depth rare in the comedy world. Where once he playfully wondered why there were no perfectly round frozen peas, by the end of his amazing comic career he had retained a mass audience while commenting critically on war and peace, wealth and poverty, and how the owners of the private economy "do what they want" with the rest of us. There was no other comedian with similar range and courage.

Where he ended in life, admittedly deeply cynical, he was far funnier and far more profound than the Danny Kaye type character he modeled himself after at the beginning of his career. As an analyst of dishonest language he had few peers and no superiors. One must turn to literature to find anything like Carlin's penetrating gaze. Perhaps only James Baldwin achieved anything like a Carlinesque appreciation for American euphemism. Both men believed affluent white people instinctively turned to dishonest speech to conceal their sins. Where Baldwin was the more brilliant, Carlin was funnier.

Carlin's political radicalization emerged from the Vietnam War, one of the most destructive and criminal invasions of a blood-soaked 20th century. As U.S. political culture turned increasingly reactionary in the decades following the end of that war, Carlin became deeply cynical, though still explosively hilarious. He conceded that he was a "wounded idealist," but insisted that the human race had squandered its unique evolutionary gifts (the ability to think in time, discern cause from effect, coupled with an opposable thumb) and was headed for extinction sooner rather than later, a prospect he encouraged one and all to be entertained by and "enjoy." As for politics, he considered the people as culpable as their leaders, and characterized Americans in particular as greedy, dumb, and bereft of constructive idealism.  U.S. culture was nothing but a "freak show" that tried but couldn't hide the "circling of the drain" of a dying species.  Politicians were a reflection of the "garbage in, garbage out" relation with the citizenry, and the decent people who might lead the country in a more hopeful direction were all "down at the mall pulling their wallets out of a fanny pack to buy a pair of sneakers with lights in them." He suggested that instead of "politicians suck," we adopt the slogan "the public sucks."

Unfortunately, even Hitler had more sense of reality than that. Keenly though he realized that immense concentrations of private wealth were the key political problem, Carlin never thought of the slogan "capital sucks." He criticized greed, corruption, corporations, and "owners," but never capital, whose concentration has now reached levels that threaten the survival of the species. For Carlin this was nothing more than grist for his comedic mill. He urged one and all to simply give up, "become spectators," and be entertained at mass suffering unto human extinction. Hopefully he didn't act on that, especially towards his daughter, but if he did, he was a moral monster ideologically worse than Hillary and Trump and GW and Obama put together.

Carlin rhetorically asked, where are all the decent people ready to lead the U.S. in a different direction? His "wounded idealism" kept him from seeing that they're all over the place, like on Legalienate blog, but also in many other places. Obviously, there are decent people all over the world struggling to put profit in its place and have a broader and humane set of values infuse our institutions. They may not succeed, but if they fail it will be anything but a laughing matter.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Trump Ties to Russia? U.S. Ties to Israel?

Trump Ties to Russia? U.S. Ties to Israel?

We need an investigation of the entire American government for its ties to a foreign nation, Israel, which have cost  the middle east and Islamic world, beginning with Palestine, hundreds of thousands of lives and the U.S. hundreds of billions of dollars. And they have brought bloody war home via terrorist attacks which would never have happened if the government hadn’t done the bidding of the Israeli Lobby and its supporters in politics and media. These employees of the lobby put the interest of a foreign power ahead of those of the American people. Are they, and their supporters, traitors?


Monday, February 27, 2017

The Trump “Resistance”: Liberal Fascism?

Calls for impeachment of a president are fairly common among justifiably frustrated Americans, but the conditions of failing global capitalism are bringing about less predictable and more dangerous reactions than usual. The shrieking use of the I word began almost before Trump was sworn in but has now assumed mainstream acceptance with passionate support from what are called liberal and progressive sectors. These camps find nothing odd or inconsistent about taking in poor people from other nations while totally disregarding poor Americans, including hundreds of thousands without housing. Next to that sort of mind numbing moral idiocy, claiming a democracy while planning to throw out someone just elected by however corrupt and debased a system - formerly found acceptable by the same people - strains the imagination of all but those lacking the capacity to think at all, let alone imagine.

Trump, as a mix tape of modern American politics represents such a different CEO type than the usual corporate state employee of capital that just about everything that has happened, beginning with his election, marks a brand new phase in a system more threatening to earth, its people, and especially the USA, than ever before. He truly reveals the usually hidden face-mind of the nation, a split personality of ego mad psycho capital fixed on individual profit as the meaning of life under a market god. This rich, egotistical blowhard who can begin a sentence from a position left of the Democratic Party line and wind up to the right of the Republicans at the end has provoked psychotic reactions from a previously neurotic ruling class. It is passing its condition on to a people approaching the behavior of a mob at a mental health crisis center during a full moon and without any meds. A potentially violent and heavily armed population is being driven close to emulating its murderous programmers, but instead of slaughtering foreigners it may wind up slaughtering its own. This would probably make much of the world cheer but reduce the nation to something much worse than it already is; instead of a minority of us reduced to hungry, homeless and destitute people, a majority could wind up in a state of bloody material chaos.

It’s hard to choose only one aspect of the social condition as an example of near hysteria among those previously given to at least acting as normal individuals, even in a political economic environment that regularly defies rationality and almost demands psycho-neurotic mental conditions to tolerate material reality. But the acceptance of the rich minority rulers’ mind management dictates by those previously claiming, if not practicing, humanitarian values, is getting dangerously close to activity that might make real nazis blush. And these, coming from people all too ready to toss around labels like fascist and hitler while almost unable to speak of the arrogant leader without use of zombie like repetitions of “xenophobic, misogynistic, islamophobic, homophobic” and more grad school multi-syllable terms that apply to the nation and its practices far more than to any individual, including this particular one who has had little to do with shaping the mess that we are in other than showing up for it the way everyone else does, though with far more money and power.

While Trump certainly represents what passes for a right wing populist reaction to the tragic contradictions hurting more people every day, he and those he speaks for are only further proof of a bankrupt politics that fronts for a criminal economics but only offers as alternative what, up to now, has been wimpy social democracy that sustains the problem instead of radical change that would solve it. Obvious to all but diehard liberal conservative supporters of and believers in capitalism, that system is failing and threatening humanity and not just one or another nation in its failing stages. Since we in America have had the weakest political reaction to that failure from what passes for a left, what passes for a right has come into power as a result of desperation and the lesser evil sweepstakes run by our billionaire owner class that we have been trained to call “our” democracy. Instead of trying to think about how we have failed and what we must do to arrest the rush to ruin, we are being mobilized into a national lynch mob in an identity political herd that further strengthens our divisions, the very weapon of control used by our ruling minority of corporate and individual wealth.

We live in a world in which less than 100 billionaires – most of them American - own more wealth than three and a half billion human beings combined, and the USA’s top 1% of rich people own nearly 42% of the nation’s wealth. Welcome to the world’s greatest democracy? Or the world’s greatest asylum for the mentally handicapped? The identitarian politics that help prevent unity and any hope of real democratic action are seeing to it that evil individuals are blamed for injustice so that systems can remain profitably unjust for  ruling minorities of wealth so great it would make feudal royalty seem paupers. Their control of almost everything, especially what passes for news reporting, can reduce the process of political economic immigration to the individual plight of an immigrant in order to disguise a national problem by reducing it to personal suffering that covers a social disgrace with romantic tales of individuals.

Real American history is about tens of millions of immigrants, kidnapped from Africa and forced out of poor countries in europe, Asia and more recently south of the border, to become slave and cheap labor for american capital and its professional class. These are reduced to individual stories of suffering blamed on villains guilty of “hate” by people socialized to “love” pets more than some of their fellow citizens. Thus college educated and alleged civil libertarians can dismiss voters for Trump as deplorable, low life, white working class uneducated, racist, and worse while extolling mythology about immigrants being the back bone of america as though all of them- like my own grandparents and tens of millions of others - volunteered to not only help us, but were welcomed with love, comfort, security and high wages. People who can swallow this line might believe a pimp who claimed all his sex workers were virgins.

The reality of our history is radically different from the mythology and fables we have been taught in creating our master race of self chosen people – which is how we are seen by much of the world – with these myths and fables carrying into the present moment but more dangerous than in the past. Then, suffering was not as likely to spread as quickly to other places via a nuclear menace currently deemed more threatening than ever as previously peace oriented types are foaming at the mouth over alleged crimes committed by Russia and Putin which have as much foundation in reality as the stories of immigrants coming here to warm welcomes and offers of wealth, comfort, free housing and eternal security. The situation changes by the hour and is more dangerous now than it was a week ago. Given that there is anything but relief offered by mind management and consciousness control here, it may take outside information sources to help us gain, if not regain, our senses. Ironically, sources like RT from Russia may become more important in helping America out of its crisis in hypocrisy and help it towards finally creating real democracy. If so, they, and we, had better hurry. The self-righteous hordes being brought closer to a civil war are not just a threat to us; they are us.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


A continuing and possibly unending series:

Americans who tolerate spending more than 600 billion dollars on war and 60 billion dollars on pets while half a million people are homeless have been found guilty of Hate Crimes by an international committee of better educated, higher income, morally superior and much smarter global residents.

The national committee for IISS – Intellectuality In Social Sewers - has found all Americans who allow the incredibly large inequality gap between the richest fraction of one percent of the population and the other 99+ percent guilty of really, really, really stupid Hate Crimes.

Americans who know that President Trump is a misogynist and have done nothing to rescue his poor wife and daughters from their dreadful lives of terroristic brutality have been found guilty of sexist Hate Crimes committed against all women too dumb to know they are married to and fathered by misogynists.

American entrepreneurs who have not profited from the Hate Trump movement by producing hats, bumper stickers, placards, t-shirts, buttons and especially earned interest through commercial fund raising for non-profit NGOs in opposition to his invention of capitalism, war, slavery, famine, tooth decay and ingrown toenails have been found guilty of anti-marketing Hate Crimes by the Better Business Bureau of Albania

American individuals and businesses which have not hired an immigrant worker at lower wages than they would have had to pay a native born worker have been charged with Racist Hate Crimes, a more serious offense than simple Hate Crimes since Caesar Chavez became the original criminal so identified when he not only criticized immigrant workers whose cheaper labor threatened his native born union members but referred to them as “wetbacks”.

All American residents of homeless encampments/tent cities have been charged with Hate Crimes for not having toilet facilities for all non-gender-specific homeless people to use - and no excuses accepted about nobody else having such facilities - by the committee on creating gender choice equality even before housing, jobs and education because let’s face it, what good are housing, jobs or an education if you can’t use the toilet of your choice?

America accused of Hate Crimes against Palestinians, Iraqis, Libyans, Yemenis, Syrians, Muslims, the Islamic world and the thinking people minority of the west, by committee to create global toilets to be shared by all faiths. Committee calls for investigation and urges charges of treason, impeachment, and denial of toilet use for all guilty American politicians and their flunkies, considering the high place in their consciousness of facilities for excrement and urine release which only recently became socially significant gathering places.

Guilt ridden professional upper middle class “white” Americans charged with Racist Hate Crimes for labeling those with less as enjoying “white privilege” despite no evidence that there is a “white” race any different from the human race and in complete denial of political economic privileges enjoyed by all   “ people of color* ” with money.

*Except for Albinos who may have money but have no color.