Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Weapons of Mass Distraction Get More Destructive

"Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media." -Noam Chomsky  

The daily attacks on american consciousness – not an oxymoron if you continue hoping for the best while preparing for the worst – via the treacherous fairy tales and homicidal gossip sold as news, not only continue unabated but get worse. If that’s possible.

The American Un-Intelligence community, according to our consciousness controllers at the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Marvel Comics, has proved that Putin and the evil Russians interfered with our cherished democracy in which the majority of eligible voters never vote. Their department of mental constipation has done this by indulging in estimates of how many people might have viewed possible ads run by suspected Russians. These may have made totally absurd claims about America, like unarmed black men being killed by the police. Who could believe such nonsense? And they back up their charges of Russian evil-doing in our sacred markets based on revelations from paid political-academic spin doctors, all not only instantly accepted but spread far and wide by our corporate media mind managers. Who could doubt the story? Well, maybe little children not yet brain dead as a result of lifetimes of social conditioning based on psychocratic theology about free markets and individual egos fed by mind numbing drugs and commercial therapy.

The only distraction from this fable is the almost daily parade of celebrity and political figures confessing to sexual abuses committed many years before but owing to market legal and moral forces kept secret until election dates, film openings and other entertainment spectacles were on the agenda. The righteous anti-commies of the past have been replaced by righteous anti-rationalists of the present and conservative know-nothing-ism is now balanced by liberal no-thinking-ism.

As always, you have to laugh to keep from crying, fearing native or foreign terrorist attack and wondering if we might have been better off when we were hunting meat and gathering veggies in nature instead of hunting  parking and gathering commodities at the mall. Sometimes the only solid thing we have is the plastic we use to pay for those commodities, even if the alleged dollars we spend don’t really exist and are only electronic blips with slightly more material foundation than the angels on a head of a pin or the pinheads we still accept as rulers because Russians have taken our fictional democracy away. Of course. Profitable films and fantasies to the contrary, the one thing we Americans need not fear is invasion by zombies. They feed on brains.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Bulletin From The Corporate Fake News Internet Toilet

Jesus, Belatedly, Charged With Sexual Assault

World famous feminist lawyer Gloria Allbucks revealed shocking details contained in previously unread biblical blogs from the Dead Ocean Scrolls which show that Mary Magdalene suffered outrageous sexual abuse from Jesus but was too frightened of his power to say anything at the time.
“Now that times have changed and brave people are coming forward, we can speak out for her and finally show the world what really went on in the days before TV, the internet, and lucrative litigation” said Allbucks, whose press conference was attended by hundreds of elected officials, dozens of Papparazzi, several former clergy, and six members of Girl Scouts of America who had come to the wrong press conference.

Calls for re-crucifixion came from Atheists, Agnostics, Jews, Muslims, Democrats, Republicans, the Little Sisters of the Poor and the Big Brothers of the Rich, while many devout Christians asked for restraint and listening to both sides before rushing to judgment. Informed that both sides had been dead for thousands of years, they urged prayer and that Catholics conduct a second collection for all the suffering children in America’s charter schools.

Allbucks said she was dropping her case against statue defilers for their vicious cruelty to animals in removing bird toilets from public places and would put the full force of her skill into this case to finally reveal the untold story of a sexist criminal who fooled the world for far too long.

“When this case is over, things will never be the same for men,  for women, and for all the other sexes”, she said.

Several of the elected officials were later accused of sexually molesting the Girl Scouts in attendance and another lawsuit is expected.
Ian56 tweeted
Why are all the fake liberals leaving out Bill Clinton in their lists of rapists & sexual abusers?
Why are they leaving out Hillary Clinton as a Rape Enabler?

Sweet Land of Liberty

"Mass shootings can happen anywhere, at any time. When you're out in public, before settling into your seat or spot, ask yourself, if there's an attack, what will I do? At theaters and concerts, consider choosing seats on the aisle and close to exits. At restaurants, sit with your back to the wall and face the entrance. Before you relax, identify your escape routes and exit points, including turnstiles, doors, scalable fences, and accessible windows. Get out of the kill zone. It's your best option."

---Security expert Ed Hinman in

Friday, November 10, 2017

Support Our Vets: Promote Social Revolution

If love is blind, patriotism has lost all five senses.
                                  -----William Blum

Tomorrow is Veterans Day, which used to be called Armistice Day, and differs from Memorial Day who knows exactly how. All we are supposed to know is that military service makes one a national hero, not (as used to be the case) for having demonstrated courage on the battlefield, but merely for signing up. We are well into the era of grade inflation, and as public school officials like to say, "everyone is above average."

Whatever respect is owed the martial virtues, it is not clear how much longer the human race can survive the era of super-patriotism. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists' Doomsday Clock is set at two-and-a-half minutes to midnight, the closest we have been to atomic annihilation since the Reagan administration installed first-strike Pershing missiles in Germany (1982) while babbling about "winnable" nuclear war.

Though it is only by sheer blind luck that military brinksmanship has not terminated the human race, we are still encouraged to believe (especially on Veterans Day) that we should be grateful to the military for defending "our freedoms" around the world. The suggestion juxtaposes itself incongruously to the realities of the "war on terror" era: preventive detention, institutionalized torture, the "right" of the president to kill American citizens without due process of law, universal snooping and data mining by corporate behemoths and the national security state. True, this is no fault of U.S. soldiers, but it is hardly sensible to congratulate the military for defending our freedoms when they are constantly under attack by the very national security state that claims to be protecting them.

Furthermore, well prior to the launching of the "war on terror" it was impossible to believe that Washington's endless interventions and invasions had much to do with defending our precious Constitutional freedoms. Just how did the 1983 invasion of Grenada, for example, shore up our Bill of Rights? 

In the name of patriotism we have turned a small al-Qaeda presence in Afghanistan into a world-wide terrorist menace, although death tolls from its murderous attacks in the "homeland" are frequently eclipsed by random sociopaths mowing down dozens of people in church, at concerts and movies, or on school grounds. But surely ISIS stands a good chance of winning our permanent attention with a carefully planned WMD attack in a U.S. city. After all, it has been more than a generation since journalist Robert Fisk discovered that two themes were dominating titles in the bookshops of Algiers: fanatic religious tracts and nuclear, chemical, and biological engineering books. (Doesn't anyone read for pleasure anymore?)

Veterans Day often tends to go with "We're Number One" nostalgia, though it won't do to mention that the U.S. is first in the world in per capita prison population, financial bailouts for corporate looters, homicide and death by guns, and massive imperial bloodshed. Such dismally routine features of American life cannot be said to embody love of country any more than the many schools that are falling apart, public hospitals that are closing down, and essential public services that are being cut so plutocrats can have yet another huge tax cut. Thus, we avert our gaze and praise our soldiers, whose job it is to protect U.S. corporate "interests," not the United States itself.

These perverted values obliterate our capacity for basic moral judgment. For example, when the USSR basketball team beat the USA team at the 1988 Olympics, political scientist Michael Parenti reminds us, the American media treated it as though it were an "end to civilization as we know it." In post-game commentaries NBC lamented how the Americans had been seriously handicapped by lack of practice time and the loss of a key player, and thus had been unable to overcome the "the Soviet onslaught." The evil Communists "never let up their attack" and were a "relentless juggernaut." "The impression left," comments Parenti drily, "was that the Americans were facing the Red Army rather than another basketball team." 

By 1992, the U.S. had arranged for professionals to play in the Olympics, so Americans were able to delight in NBA all-stars slaughtering a ragged team from Zaire, composed of kids who had to work for a living and barely raised enough money to get to the games, and who had only begun to practice together a few months before the Olympics began. In short, a heavily tilted playing field allowed an orgy of jingoism to masquerade as normal pride in legitimate national achievements. It wasn't the only time.

There are many fine men and women serving in the U.S. armed forces, motivated by a genuine desire to give their lives if necessary to defend their country. Unfortunately, the mission of the U.S. armed forces is not to defend the country, but to protect and expand the far-flung empire. The U.S. presides over an armed planetary force vastly beyond the capacities of any other empire in history. This includes over half a million troops stationed at over 700 military bases around the world, and many more within the 50 states, including enormous recent constructions in Central Asia, Kosovo, Iraq, and Colombia. It boasts an arsenal of thousands of nuclear warheads, a small fraction of which could eliminate human civilization, plus a naval strike force possessed of more tonnage and firepower than the rest of the world's navies combined, patrolling every ocean and stopping on every continent. It also has, or will soon develop, space vehicles with capacity to strike both terrestrial and outer space targets, and send reconnaissance and attack drones back into the atmosphere. This is in defense of an international network of client states (satellites is the more blunt term) that generates huge profits for a plutocratic minority at direct social cost to the world majority.

Meanwhile, the U.S. troops that are constantly praised as "heroes" are treated rather poorly. Since 2001, over six thousand of them have died in Afghanistan and Iraq for no legitimate purpose, with tens of thousands more wounded or disabled in fulfillment of an apparently endless mission that has cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Afghans and Iraqis as well. Suicide rates among U.S. veterans of these two wars dramatically exceed the corresponding rate for the rest of the U.S. population, with mental issues exceeding physical injuries as the cause of veteran hospital admissions. And on any given night in the USA tens of thousands of homeless veterans are found living on the streets.

In short, our nation is bled to feed the imperial vanity of our rulers. "Support our troops" is a cynical veneer designed to disguise a shameless policy of "cut their benefits."

Michael Parenti, Superpatriotism, (City Lights, 2004)
Michael Parenti, The Face of Imperialism, (Paradign Publishers, 2011)

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

1882: New York City

You Too Can Succeed In Life

"The happiness road no longer leads only to the prairies of the West. Now, it is also the day of the big cities. The whistle of the train, magic flute, awakens youth from its rustic drowsiness and invites it to join the new paradises of cement and steel. Any ragged orphan, promise the siren voices, can become a prosperous businessman if he works hard and lives virtuously in the offices and factories of the giant buildings.

"A writer, Horatio Alger, sells these illusions by the millions of copies. Alger is more famous than Shakespeare and his novels have a bigger circulation than the Bible. His readers and his characters, tame wage earners, have not stopped running since they got off the trains or transatlantic ships. In reality, the track is reserved for a handful of business athletes, but North American society massively consumes the fantasy of free competition, and even cripples dream of winning races."

-----Eduardo Galeano, Memory of Fire, Vol. 2, Faces and Masks, p. 221